Welcome to My Site

Hi there and welcome to my website! I have worked in the online spectrum for almost 10 years in addition to going to school and completing TWO degrees, volunteer work, ministry, writing, and being a wife and mommy! 

I have put a lot of time into finding what works for me and my interests and lifestyle of integrity. No fly by night companies. I personally LOVE Residual income and that kind of payout so a few of the companies I am with have that as part of their compensation plan. Feel free to explore the links provided and watch the videos on the company websites. I have gotten perks like FREE Electricity MONTHLY for 7 years and also get my PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE SUPPLEMENTS FREE EACH MONTH for the last two years!  My contact info is also here so we can chit chat if you have any questions. I live my life on 5 minute info calls for people just like you and have NO PROBLEM scheduling a call with you. 

Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully you will find something of value here and partner in making a difference in the world with me! 

My Mission

I try to live each day helping others in some capacity. A smile, a kind word, prayer, a referral, etc. There are so many ways to help others. Finances are something that brings a lot of people stress. I spent many years as a single parent and saw the ugly side of being broke. It is one of my goals to help people save money, make money, or both.