Senior Consultant

I partnered up with this Direct Sales company in 2007. To be honest at first I was only interested in the FREE ENERGY Referral Program. I was in for a big surprise when I started making Residual Income and Weekly Bonuses. The best part? Saving people MONEY on a bill THEY ALREADY PAY! Check out my website on starting your own energy business, or just to see if we can save YOU some money on your bill go to rates and plans at bottom! We are in 17 states and are saving a lot of people money on their service.

Le-Vel ‚ÄčPromoter

Have you heard of Thrive? Fill your nutritional gaps in THREE EASY steps each day. FREE to get a customer account and FREE to be a Promoter, This pharmaceutical grade supplement sells itself and I Promote it because of the amazing things it has done for my entire family. OH and did I mention we get our product FREE? You can to with only TWO customer referrals! 

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KulaBrands Community Member

Are you tired of the traditional "home based business?" Then this company may be for you. Recruiting is NOT REQUIRED, Sales ARE NOT REQUIRED and you do not have to meet sales goals each month to earn. We are a Social Branding and Marketing Community helping NEW INVENTORS launch their products, books, apps, gadgets and more and getting paid a REVERSE ROYALTY. Yes, its 100% legit. PLEASE go to my website and watch the videos explaining how everything works. We have some VERY big names guiding us in this company and the integrity of the community is of utmost priority. 

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MobiCard USA


Do you love Savings apps and Digital coupons? Are you a business owner looking for FREE listings? Do you want to help your kids, community, church etc with Fundraising? There is SO MUCH we do here. We have thousands of national discounts all at the touch of a link on your cellphone. I use mine ALL THE TIME and have loved the savings. MobiCard is very generous in paying out to affiliates and very affordable to everyone else. 

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Waist Trainer

I have a physical challenge in my abdomen that will eventually need corrective surgery. When I heard about the waist trainer helping with a flatter tummy I was excited to try. I love mine and knew many others would too! 

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Im taking my Business to the NEXT LEVEL with Proximity Marketing!

No matter what kind of business you are in or message you have to get out there~ these small beacons are the way to go!! I ADVERTISE RIGHT FROM MY KEYCHAIN TO NEARBY CELLPHONES! The Average person checks their phone every 12 minutes so utilizing this way of marketing is SMART and AFFORDABLE for EVERYONE!

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